International Women's Day
Happy International Women's Day! International Women's Day is '国际妇女节' in Chinese, which is pronounced as 'guó jì fù nǚ jiē'. In China, 国际妇女节 is a national holiday and women can get discount in most shops. 妇女节快乐(fù nǚ jiē kuài lè )- Happy Women's Day!
on 10 Mar 2012
Happy New Year
Happy new year, everyone! 新年好! We are here to help you improve your Chinese more in this dragon year. New lessons are coming soon, watch this space.
on 25 Jan 2012
Interesting Developments To Come
Hi, everyone, sorry for the lack of updates. We are now introducing a new feature - What You Want Is What You Get. I.e. you tell us what you want to learn and we make the lesson for you. Each lesson is customized to meet each individual's requirment and level. All lessons will be available to others, and the person who makes the requests will be given credits.

To give suggestions, please go here, thanks.
on 07 Jun 2009
Tools - Vocabulary
Since the site is still under development we thought we would continue to develop new areas.
The most recent developments within the site are the addition of the 2 new selections on the navigation bar.
The new additions are Culture and Tools. The Culture section is designed to give a little more insight into chinese culture by showing areas of interest such as Music, poems and Tourism.
The Tools is the newest addition to the site and contains some short video lessons designed to improve your vocabulary.
We hope that you continue to enjoy our site.
on 29 Jul 2008
We have added Poem Videos to the site, which is located in the Culture section. In addition to videos, each poem has Chinese Characters, pronunciation and translation. Hope you like it.

AtoZChinese Team
on 22 Jul 2008
Welcome To A To Z Chinese
Regardless of whether you're new to learning Chinese or you've studied a little before, you'll be able to find lessons which suit your needs.

A to Z Chinese lessons comprise of everyday practical conversations that fall under 3 Levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Each lesson is comprised of a video featuring a 1-3minute conversation between Chinese people. Before each conversation, an introduction is provided to highlight the key points of the conversation to make lessons easier to understand. After each conversation, a conclusion is provided to summarize the important phrases and help you to remember.

For those of you too busy to watch the video lesson you can simply download the lesson file in mp3 format to take on the move.

On behalf of the AtoZ chinese Team we welcome you to the site and hope that you enjoy it.


AtoZ Chinese Team
on 22 May 2008