A to Z Chinese Lessons

A to Z Chinese lessons comprise of everyday practical conversations that fall under 3 Levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Each lesson is comprised of a video featuring a 1-3minute conversation between Chinese people. Before each conversation, an introduction is provided to highlight the key points of the conversation to make lessons easier to understand. After each conversation, a conclusion is provided to summarize the important phrases and help you to remember.
Beginner Level
If you are new to the Chinese language then the beginner lessons are for you. It is the best place to start whether you aim to master the language or just want a few phrases under your belt for a trip to China.

Beginner lessons are focused on the most useful phrases for practical situations. Your host Doug and Shujing explain the keywords in the introduction to make lessons easier to understand. They summarize the key points after the dialogue to refresh your memory.

As you continue to view the lessons you will soon find that you are gradually recognizing more of the common words. After Completing around 100 lessons or 200 minutes of video lessons you should be able to understand 30% of the Chinese language. This should enable you to follow any of the Beginner lessons without needing the descriptions.

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Intermediate Level
If you can follow a simple Chinese conversation or have completed our beginner lessons, then the intermediate lessons are for you. Here you can broaden your vocabulary and learn more patterns of conversation.

Hosts Doug and Shujing guide you through a variety of higher level topics. Shujing explains almost entirely in Chinese while Doug offers key explanations in English.

After completing 100 lessons you should be able to understand 60% of the Chinese language and your Chinese should be quite functional. This will allow you to progress to the Advanced lessons.

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Advanced Level
If you can follow daily Chinese conversation or have completed our intermediate lessons, then the advanced lessons are for you. Here you can learn more specialized vocabulary and ways of making your spoken Mandarin more sophisticated.

All the lessons are introduced and explained entirely in Chinese. The Chinese host picks the key phrases of each lesson and explains them using simple Chinese words. This helps you to learn Chinese in the same way that native Chinese learn; this should help take your Chinese to the next level.

After completing 50 lessons you should be proficient enough with Mandarin Chinese to understand TV programs such as newscasts and movies.

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